On the anniversary of the Town Hall Pharmacy, the book “Town Hall Pharmacy 600” has been issued.

Professor Ain Raal of the University of Tartu has compiled an excellent overview of the history of our oldest pharmacy from its beginning to the present day. The book “Raeapteek 600” summarizes all the materials previously published about Raeapteek and is more thorough than before. The general living conditions in the old Tallinn and the pharmacy, the history of the Town Hall Pharmacy, architecture, restoration, cultural values ​​in the pharmacy, etc. are described.

The book is beautifully designed and contains a lot of unique pictures.

The book is hardcover, 176 pages long. The captions of photos and summary of the book have been translated into English.

The publisher of the book is Aasta Raamat OÜ. The book has been prepared in cooperation with the Town Hall Pharmacy Museum and the Estonian Pharmaceutical Society and the Estonian Pharmaceutical Museum. The compilation of the book has been supported by the Tallinn Culture and Sports Board.

The book can be purchased from the Town Pharmacy from April 9!