During the Old Town Days, there were several free tours and marzipan and herbal salt workshops available at Raeapteek, as well as an adventure game „Melchior the Apothecary“ in cooperation with the Tallinn Teachers’ House.

Late on Saturday 4.06 starting at 23.59, you could watch the midnight elixir of life being brewed in a big musical cauldron!

This year, on April 8,  Raeapteek celebrated 600 years since its first mentioning. It is the oldest continuously operating pharmacy in the same location in Europe. Raeapteek is in a way a modern pharmacy, but at the same time conveys the experience of a medieval pharmacy – here the new and the old intertwine! At midnight, the fairy-tale story of the beginning of Raeapteek was told on the Old Town Days stage in the Town Hall Square with a light show, music and dance by the folktronic group OOPUS.

Have a look at the short video clip of the the concert: Raeapteek x OOPUS


Raeapteek´s jubilee was celebrated and everyone charged with lot of energy for the next century!

The concert was supported buy Tallinn Strategy Centre. Thank you!