A price list TAXA of pharmacy goods of 1695 gives an idea of what was sold in the Raeapteek in the Middle Ages. The price list includes over 3200 famous medicines of that time. Several products which were included in the price list at that time are sold in the Raeapteek today as well.

Raeapteek´s Meadowsweet syrup

Meadowsweet (Filipendula ulmaria) is considered the queen of European meadows and has also been called the "mother of aspirin". The honey-sweet syrup caresses the taste buds and soothes the soul. Ingredients: water, demerera sugar, meadowsweet flower extract, lemon extract, citric acid. Contains no preservatives. Handmade product from pure Saaremaa Meadwosweet. Natural precipitation may occur in this product. Use: suitable for tea, making lemonade or cocktails and for desserts.

Raeapteek´s Herbal Tea Mug

Herbal tea mug with Raeapteek´ logo and a beautiful and stylish print inspired by nature. Why not for your favorite herbal drink or as a gift, preferably with one of our lovely tea mixes.

Raeapteek´s Stomach Easing Tea

Stomach Easing Tea consists of three medicinal plants, the effects of which have been known since ancient times. In the Middle Ages, caraway was believed to have an anti-theft effect and a bag of seeds was carried around to ward off evil demons, spirits and witches. The tea settles the stomach and calms the mind, promotes digestion and reduces bloating. Ingredients: caraway, fennel, anise Preparation: 1 tablespoon of seeds per 1 glass of boiling water. Leave to cool. Add honey or sugar if you wish.

Raeapteek´s raincoat ball

Raincoat is packed in a small and light ball with Raeapteek´s logo-handy to carry along wherever you go!

Raeapteek chocolates with spices

Raeapteek´s new treats are spice-powered chocolates. You can choose chocolate with honey and gingerbread spice, with rose pepper or fennel seeds. Sweets with the Raeapteek logo are hand made from carefully selected and best raw materials in the chocolate laboratory of OÜ Habicht Peedu. Guaranteed taste experience!

Raeapteek’s Festive Tea

Raeapteek is celebrating its anniversary with a colourful Festive Tea – an exciting taste experience to celebrate festive and special occasions. Ingredients: Linden blossoms, fermented fireweed, rosehips, lemon myrtle, meadowsweet blossoms, cornflower blossoms, mallow blossoms, marigold, rose blossoms, stevia, pink peppercorn. 2 tsp per 250 ml of 90°C water, brew for 5-7 min. Enjoy on festive occasions!

Raeapteek´s claret cups

Small ceramic cups, true to the era, are perfect for claret! They make a beautiful and practical gift with our claret bottle. Cups are handmade by people of special needs, making every one of them unique.


This distinguished libation made from red wine and spices is a fairly potent, mouth warming concoction created at the Raeapteek apothecary shop in Tallinn in 1467.

The Claret spices

Every claret-master can select the spices for his claret according to his wishes and oppurtunities. This package is put together following the recipe from the XVI century. Ingredients: unrefiner cane sugar, ginger, cinnamon, galangal, clove, nutmeg flower, saffron. Take 0,75l of red wine and pour 1/3 of it into a pot. Add sugar and the package of spices. Heat the liquid at 70 ºC for 20 minutes. Once the drink has cooled down, pour it back into the bottle and shake.

Marzipan with spices and chocolate

72% almonds, black pepper, spice, coriander, nutmeg, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, rosemary.

Raeapteek marzipan ( Panis Martius)

72% almonds A good cure for alleviating the ache of love and promoting brain activity. Reval marzipan was one of the most well-known marzipans of Northern Europe during the time of Hanseatic League, and it was first sold in Raeapteek.

Alderman´s tea

This pleasant, invigorating and masculine tea mix was a favourite of aldermen of old, especially after too much marzipan.

Raeapteek´s chocolate

Handmade dark chocolate bar contains 72% of cacao. Dark chocolate gives energy, supports the vascular system and stimulates brain activity.

Raeapteek´s Herbal tea

The charm of simplicity: mild flavor and homemade feel! Blend: lemon balm, peppermint, camomile, marigold, rosebay willowherb Instructions: 1 tsp. of herb mixture per cup of boiling water, let steep for 4 or 5 minutes and enjoy.

Raeapteek´s Blossom Tea

The unique floral melange can be enjoyed at any time. The colourful blossoms lifte the spirits and the pleasant taste brings a smile to your face. Ingredients: linden flowers, rose hips, fireweed flowres, calendula flowers, mallow flowers, cornflower, primrose, dwarf everlast, peppermint, chamomile, hibiscus.

Raeapteek´s Lavender

Lavender in enjoyment for the body and soul. The aroma of lavender has health benefits. Finally, lavender has made it out of dusty drawers and has been retired from its dirty work of repelling moths. Add lavender to the bath water or to the tea cup.

Raeapteek´s Rose Buds

Rose buds are rich in vitamin C and it is believed they improve the blood circulation. We think that they are the best remedy for a broken heart or to bring a carefree glow to an afternoon.

Raeapteek´s Tincture for stomach

Bottle contains black currants, hollyhock roots and fennel seeds. Fill the bottle with vodka, leave it for 4-5 days. When you have stomach problems, take one teaspoonful a couple of times a day. In case of a cold, add a spoonful to warm herbal tea.

Raeapteek´s Energizing tincture with Golden Root

Since ancient times Golden Root has been used as energizing and vitalizing remedy increasing ones potency and ability to work. Fill the bottle with vodka and leave it for 7 days. Take a spoonful a couple of times a day. Do not use before bedtime!

Raeapteek´s Bedtime Tea

Good sleep is the basis of good health! The herbs chosen for this tea are relaxing, calming and promote good sleep. Ingredients: lemon balm, oregano, heather, cowslip, lavender.

Raeapteek’s Calming Tincture

Contents: purple passionflower, valerian, hops, St. John’s wort, melissa. Fill the bottle with clear spirits like vodka, let steep for 14 days in the dark. Take a teaspoonful a couple of times a day. Use during times of stress and before going to sleep.

Swedish Bitters

A general tonic that improves the appetite, aids digestion, reduces bloating, eases constipation and alleviates nausea caused by cold. Regular use restores metabolism, eases sleep disorders and improves general well-being. Ingredients: wormwood, turmeric, senna leaf, angelica, manna ash, Venice treacle, rhubarb, camphor, myrry, Carlina root, saffron. Add 500 ml of clear spirits to the herbs, let steep for 2-3 weeks. It is recommended to shake bottle periodically.

Bath salt with lavender

Lavender is enjoyment for the body and soul. The aroma of lavender helps reduce stress and restore spiritual balance. Lavender is being used as skin rejuvenating remedy.

Juniper berries

Eat one juniper berry every day during the season of illnesses. There are nine doctors inside the juniper (folk saying of Estonia). Juniper berries were used to cure cough and stomach illnesses. Tea alleviated kidney and bladder problems.

Sorb apples

Eat ten sorb apples per day during the time of vitamin deficiency. There is a five-branched sign at the top of the service-berry which gives a great protective power to the sorb according to old beliefs. Sorb apples are full of different vitamins which strengthen the body and provide support during illnesses.

Book "Herb stories"

From the book you can find poetic miniatures devoted to the medicinal plants that have played the most significant role in Raeapteek´s history. The main characters of these little stories include potent plants that have seen widespread use in Raeapteek, some of them Estonian and quite widely known, others from elsewhere and quite exotic. Stories in the book are in Estonian as well as in English. Author: Veronika Kivisilla

Raeapteek tote bag

In Raeapteek we value sustainable lifestyle. That is why in our list of goods there is 100% cotton tote bag which is a good souvenir but also serves purpose in everyday life.

Raeapteek tote bag

In Raeapteek we value sustainable lifestyle. That is why in our list of goods there is 100% cotton tote bag which is a good souvenir but also serves purpose in everyday life.

Book "The story of Town Hall Pharmacy"

The book is a fascinatingly written history book about The Town Hall pharmacy, one of the cornerstones of the cultural heritage of Tallinn's Old Town. The author leads the reader into those years away, when the pharmacist was the only reliable helper in the city to fight the Black Death and other terrible diseases.

Raeapteek´s board game

A board game for all ages inspired by the Raeapteek´ s 600 years of wisdom. The most important characters from the establishment´s history appear before you. Players place their token on the first square and the rest is determined by the roll of the dice. One side of the board game is in Estonian and the other in English.

Raeapteek´s magnet

Snake in a cup means that the pharmacist has to be smart as a snake. Cup is a symbol of nature from where knowledge is drawn from. These souvenirs are made by people with special needs.

The Monk’s Hood card game

The Monk’s Hood card game is an easy shedding-type card game for the whole family. The goal of the authors is to introduce to children and their parents our most common medicinal plants and also the poisonous monk’s hood and to help people notice and identify them. This game is great for playing at home, taking it on trips or buying it as a gift!

Ceramic crocodile

Crocodile was a symbol of medieval pharmacy. Crocodile under the ceiling emphasised the mysteriousness of the work of the pharmacists. Crocodile who often goes under water and then comes back up to breathe symbolises pharmacist, who goes in the rooms hidden from others eyes to mix together medications. Nobody knows what happens to neither of them while they are away. Our ceramic crocodiles are made by people with special needs.

Pottery cup illustrated with notes

Cup from the famous Mon faible collection of the Town Hall pharmacist Burchardt VIII, that started the Estonian History Museum.

Mortar and pestle

Traditionally mortars have been used in pharmacies to grind powders and mix ointments. Our little mortar with Raeapteek logo is a good keepsake from the visit to the oldest still working pharmacy in Europe.