Group tour in Raeapteek with your guide

The group tour is conducted by the guide accompanying the group. A reservation is always necessary for a group of 10+ people! The guide will book the visit by email: revalirae@apotheka. If the guide introduces the history of the pharmacy in the museum room, the entrance fee is 2 €/ person, for which the information leaflets of the pharmacy will be redeemed. It is also possible to use our cellar hall for the claret and/or marzipan tasting. Tour with degustation costs 50€. The price of the claret/ marzipan will be added to the price of the tour. Payment is agreed upon booking and preferably on the basis of an invoice.  More info and bookings: [email protected] Watch Raeapteek´s short  film

upto 30 minutes 2€/ per person or 50€

Tour in Raeapteek with our guide

The guide in Medieval clothes takes the group for a tour in the museum, where he introduces the history of the pharmacy and explains Medieval treating methods. If desired the group can learn about claret and marzipan history and have degustation in our cellar hall. Claret price is added to the price of the tour.

30 minutes 70 euros+tax (22%)

Tour in Raeapteek with herb workshop

Our guide takes the group for a tour in the museum where he introduces the history of the pharmacy and explains Medieval treating methods. Then the group moves to our cellar hall, where they are going to pound their own herbal tea/ herbal salt and pack it according to the era and take it home. If desired the group have claret tasting. Claret price is added to the price of the workshop. More info and bookings: [email protected]

60 minutes 125 euros+tax (22%)

Marzipan workshop

Workshop starts with the tour in the Raeapteek museum introducing the history of the pharmacy and Medieval treating methods. Marzipan workshop involves mixing together the primary ingredients and decorating the readymade product. Everyone is welcome to take their marzipan home. The group for this workshop can not be bigger than 10 people. Claret degustation available, price added to the workshop.

60-90 minutes 12 euros/person

Raeapteek experience!

Come to Raeapteek with your family, friends or colleagues in a small group! We give an overview of the history of Town Hall Pharmacy, which is interesting for both adults and children. Then there is an opportunity to take part in a workshop, making herbal teas, herbal salts or spiced sugar in our cellar room. Children can also mold marzipan and listen to the marzipan legend. Adults can taste the famous Claret- spiced pharmacy wine. Handmade Raeapteek’ s marzipan which once was sold as a cure for heartache and to strengthen memory, is on sale for everyone who loves sweets! *The price of the claret/ marzipan tasted will be added to the price of the tour. Claret 200 ml costs 10€, 500 ml 15€ and marzipan 2€ per person. Please contact us: [email protected]  

60 min 12€/ adult; 5€/children

Adventure game of "Melchior the Apothecary" in the Old Town of Tallinn!

Raeapteek, in cooperation with the Tallinn Teacher´s House, invites everyone to play the new and exciting adventure game of "Melchior the Apothecary"! An entertaining orienteering game based on Indrek Hargla's "Melchior the Apothecary" series of crime novels in Tallinn's Old Town. There is a lot of movement in the open air, exciting historical facts and a fascinating story waiting for you! You can play alone or in a team. It takes about 1-1.5 hours to complete the game. The adventure starts by visiting the Town Hall Pharmacy, where you can hear about the history of the pharmacy and medieval treating methods. Those who wish have the opportunity to taste claret, the famous spiced wine known in Raeapteek since 1467. Ideal for a team building event, but also a great activity for a small group of friends or family! For more information about price and booking please contact: [email protected]  

90-120 min € ask an offer!

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*Claret is a pharmacy wine with spices which was made and sold from Raeapteek as early as 1467.
*Groups should not be bigger than 25 people. NB! Workshops may take place in smaller groups.
*Tours after the Raeapteek official closing times need special agreement and a special fee may apply! Please contact to ask for an offer.

*Raeapteek museum activities are supported by the city of Tallinn.