This April, Revali Raeapteek, Europe’s oldest pharmacy still operating in the same premises, celebrated its 600th birthday!

For six hundred years Estonia’s oldest medical institution has sold medications and helped people with different physical problems but also offered spiritual assistance.

For a worthy celebration of this year’s jubilee, a small film clip was created with the help of our wonderful partners, which in its own exciting way symbolizes the important values ​​of Raeapteek – capacity, ingenuity and persistence! Vivat, Reval! Vivat Raeapteek!

Watch the video clip HERE

A big, big thank you to the creators of the video, the participants in the film and the supporters: Tales of Reval, Nathan Popa Photography & Film, PEPPERSACK, Hopner Maja, Jana Volke, the city of Tallinn and Raeapteek!

Please visit Raeapteek, if you need to buy medicine, just ask for some advice, or if you are interested in hearing more about the history of the pharmacy and take part in workshops!

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*The making of the film clip was supported by the Tallinn Strategy Centre! Thank you!